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About Us

We’ve been lucky to travel the world for waves, but never enjoyed the hassle of actually travelling with surfboards. After paying excessive fees, arriving to damaged equipment, constantly searching for taxis that actually fit surfboards and always paying more money than we wanted to, we decided to start something better – to make surf travel to Nicaragua hassle free, affordable and enjoyable. 


built for surfers, by surfers to make surf travel to Nicaragua easy.

After years of traveling around the world for waves, surfers and entrepreneurs Chris Cotter and his partner Rafa Gómez Espadafor started bordport in 2015 to create the ultimate hassle-free surf trip experience. 

for peace of mind.

Bordport changes the model for surf travel with a state of the art surf shop & rental facility that not only saves you the time and hassle of dragging your board bags around, but most importantly saves you the ever-high airline fees.

concierge service and attention to detail.

With lots of added details, bordport also treats traveling surfers like kings. With concierge service, delivery to you anywhere in the country and easy airport pick up, surf travel is easier than ever. Wanting to create the ideal experience for surfers, Cotter and Espandafor added lots of  details like ice-cold beverages, top-of-the line espresso drinks, and snacks for customers, as well as the fastest Wi-Fi in town at their Tola location.

Whether you want to be picked up and taken to the best waves in the world within hours or you go for the premium package and have a brand new Channels Islands board shaped and waiting for you to enjoy, Bordport is here to help you with all of your surfing needs. Stop in for a drink and peruse one of the greatest selection of surf equipment in all of Central America with top brands including Channel Islands, Hayden Shapes, Firewire, Dakine, Mizu, Futures, etc. These items can also be arranged to be ready at your hotel for your arrival, as long as you contact us ahead of time.

We are happy to welcome you at bordport.

Happy Travels!