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Your one-stop shop for surfboard equipment, rentals, storage, shuttle services,


boat trips and everything you need to make your surf trip hassle-free.


We even offer the fastest WiFi in Tola, ice cold Toñas, espresso-based coffees, snacks,

Save time. Save money. Save hassle.

smoothies and gourmet snacks and pastries to tide you over before hitting the waves.

How It All Works

As traveling surfers, we know how hard it can be to actually travel with surf equipment. Packing boards, having to take a special taxi to get to the airport, dragging heavy boardbags across the terminal, paying steep airline fees that are always increasing (see Surfline's feature Boardbag Blues), then risking damage or delays, wasn’t worth it anymore.

That’s exactly why we started Bordport. We can save you time, money and hassle, making your Nicaraguan surf vacation easier and more enjoyable. We offer top-of-the-line affordable rentals, as well as Nicaragua's largest surf retail operation and concierge surf travel services.

Conveniently located minutes from the beaches Colorados, Rancho Santana and Popoyo, Bordport is the perfect place to stop on your way to the waves. In addition to having the fastest WiFi in Tola and cool A/C, we have ice-cold Toñas, espresso-based coffees, and healthy smoothies and snacks to tide you over before grabbing your board and hitting the waves.

  • "Traveled to Nicaragua for a surf trip and found Bordport. You select your surfboard online and they meet you at the airport (or your hotel) to drop off and pick up the boards. Boards are extremely high quality and geared towards performance surfing. They were brand new when we rented. Price is $250 per week, but this beats the $200/way fees that most airlines are charging. And you also don't have to lug your boards around. Service was extremely friendly and helpful. Carlos promptly met us at the airport for both pick-up and drop-off and was easy to communicate with via Whatsapp. I would definitely utilize Bordport for future surf trips and highly recommended them to anyone looking for premium surfboard rentals in Nicaragua."
    Los Angeles
  • "Couldn't have done this trip any easier without the help from the staff at bordport. They were easy to deal with and very punctual. They delivered a top-end board at a very reasonable price! “I can highly recommend bordport and will certainly use them again."
    Liam M
    New York
  • "I was stoked to arrive in Nicaragua and have access to so many high end boards. The apparel offering is legit with a well curated assortment of small brands and fresh styles. Pancho serves the most legit cup of coffee around and the whole experience was worthy. If you're in the area it's definitely worth the stop, even if you're just window shopping."
    Santa Barbara


We offer the following services:

Buy A New Board.

Rather than paying doubles fees for transport, you can buy a board when you arrive, and choose to store it with us for your return or take it home.

Rent a Board.

These aren’t trashed epoxy models from the 90s. We carry the latest 2015 and 2016 models from brands like Firewire, Hayden Shapes, and Channel Islands Surfboards. Have you always wanted to try the last Kelly Slater board? Now you can try as many as you want.

Pickup/dropoff for boards in the Managua airport.

We’ll arrange to have your board waxed and ready to go at the airport when you arrive. (This works especially well if you are traveling north).

Board Sales

Shop from the best surf brands to choose from in Nicaragua. If you need an extra leash, rashguard, sunscreen or a t-shirt, we have you covered with all the latest gear. We also offer the best in lifestyle clothing for men and women.

Board Delivery.

No matter where you are in Nicaragua, we’ll taxi your board to you.

*Whatever you choose, choose not to drag your boards through the airport or pay the high airline fees anymore. Choose to travel hassle-free with bordport. Read more about our various board selection and our country-wide surfboard delivery service


Frequently Asked Questions

Traveling Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

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Our Boards

Bordport has over 50 brand new Channel Islands surfboards available at our surf shop in Tola. Please scroll through the menu below to find the right surfboard for you.